Celebration of Service 2016-2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Campbell Student Union Social Hall

11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

The Celebration of Service is the annual event hosted by the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center to acknowledge and honor students, faculty, staff, and community partners who engage in service-learning and community engagement throughout the academic year. 

Visual & Poster Presentations

11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Faculty members & their students are invited to present on 2016-2017 service-learning experiences during the Celebration of Service on Tuesday, May 2 from 11:00am-12:15pm. Take this opportunity to showcase the partnerships and learning opportunities that you have designed in your course to inspire and dialogue with other faculty members and student attendees.

To reserve space for your class' visual or poster presentation, complete the online form. 

Celebration of Service Awards

12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Awards will be presented during the annual Volunteer and Service-Learning Center (VSLC) Celebration of Service on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 from 12:15pm-1:30pm, which honors service-learning and volunteer partnerships that occurred throughout the academic year.

Nominations are now being accepted for 2016-2017 awards.

Deadline to submit nominations is Monday, April 24, 2017.



Outstanding Service-Learning Student

Category 1: 15 hours or less required for course                     

Category 2: 16 hours or more required for course

Presented to the student who provided exceptional achievement in a service-learning course through his/her contribution to the community and ability to connect the experience to course curriculum. Describe the student’s contribution to the partner organization, as well as how the experience affected his/her understanding of academic concepts in the course.  

Outstanding Service-Learning Course

Category 1: 15 hours or less required for course                     

Category 2: 16 hours or more required for course

Presented to the class that provided exceptional community service through a service-learning course. Describe the service-learning experience and the contribution to or impact on the community as well as how the experience affected students’ understanding of academic concepts in the course.  

Outstanding Student Volunteer

Presented to the student who provided exceptional service to a community agency as a volunteer, NOT through a service-learning course. Describe the service and impact on the agency or clients.

Outstanding Community Service by a Student Organization (including academic club, fraternity, sorority, etc.)

Presented to the student organization that provided valuable service to the community, extending its mission and influence beyond the SUNY Buffalo State campus. Describe the service, the contribution to the community, and how the service reflects the mission of the student organization.



Outstanding Faculty Commitment to Service-Learning

Presented to a faculty member who demonstrated outstanding achievement in connecting learning with community service, facilitating students’ ability to meet community need through a service-learning course, incorporating innovative service-learning methods in a course, developing leadership and citizenship skills among students, and/or providing unique learning opportunities to service-learning course participants. Describe the nominee’s work and impact on the students and/or community.

Faculty Achievement in Service-Learning

Presented to the faculty member who has 1) linked service-learning with other campus priorities and initiatives such as first-year programs, retention, and diversity initiatives or 2) connected service-learning and scholarship in successful ways such as publications, community-based presentations, conference presentations, and successful grant applications).


Outstanding Community Partner

Presented to a community agency, group, or institution that demonstrated excellence in collaborative work with SUNY Buffalo State, resulting in a partnership that produced positive differences in the community and enhanced student learning this year. Describe community partner’s collaborative work on the development of an effective service-learning or volunteer project and how the project impacted the community and students.


Reciprocal Partnership Award

Presented to the faculty member and community partner who best demonstrated the principles of reciprocal, collaborative, and mutually beneficial partnerships. This may include the identification and recognition of each partner’s needs, issues, and challenges or assessment and reflection around the partnership with the goal of improving and sustaining the collaboration for long-term success.  


                 þ  Outstanding Student Community Service in a Service-Learning Course

“It is my privilege to nominate Abigail Jones and Maya Peterson for the Outstanding Student Community Service in a Service-Learning Course (15 hours or more) Award. The collaboration of Abigail and Maya in this semester’s Visual Arts Program has made significant contributions to the Asarese-Matters Community Center. Both students co-wrote and co-taught a fantastic visual arts curriculum on transformation. Every Tuesday both students came into the Asarese with an original lesson. As a drop-in center, children choose whether or not they wish to participate in activities. During the semester, our visual arts program noted increased participation of up to fifteen students in part due to their exciting and dynamic art lessons. A favorite of many youth was a lesson in which they transformed t-shirts by using bleach and painted personal symbols on their own shirt. Not only did Abigail and Maya create this wonderful lesson plan but they also purchased the needed materials. In addition, with the help of Abigail and Maya, we have been able to expand the visual arts program and bring additional students to the Asarese Center.

Abigail and Maya are committed to providing the best possible content and instruction to their students. Often they stay long after the youth have finished their lessons to discuss what went well with their lesson and what improvements can be made in future lessons. Abigail and Maya’s commitment extends beyond their fantastic work during our Tuesday night Visual Arts Program. Both students have been instrumental in completing a tile mural that will be installed in May of this year. Their involvement with the mural has included incorporating tile designs into their curriculum and digitally altering artwork as well as photographs to be included in the mural.

Abigail and Maya have also supported other programs at Asarese such as Creative Movement. They often stay past their required time and help with other activities. Their commitment and dedication to Asarese has been tremendous, and they have made vital contributions to the youth we serve. I am honored to nominate Abigail and Maya for this award.”


         þ  Outstanding Student Volunteer

“James Clark came into my office at the beginning of the spring semester. He asked about information on the program and said that he had seen us listed on a volunteer list. After hearing about the program, James seemed very interested and said he would like to volunteer just to volunteer. We don't often have students that just want to donate their time for nothing in return. James was an exception. He committed to three days a week to volunteer on top of an already busy schedule. James was always on time and always prepared to work with whatever student he was scheduled to work with. He encouraged the students to keep on their school work by working side by side with them. He is a strong male role model for our male students. This proved to be essential for our office; students, male or female, often rely on female staff. To have a young man like James be that role model was more than we could have asked. His positive attitude, hardworking spirit, and friendly nature were a confidence boost for both young men that he worked with. It's my honor to nominate James for Outstanding Student Volunteer.”

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