Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement

Apply now for the Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement! 


The Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement is a distinction that only SUNY Buffalo State undergraduate and graduate students can receive. This honor is given to students who have had extended engagement with the community, whether as part of a service-learning course or as a volunteer.  The Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement will serve to represent student commitment to social responsibility and community participation, all while meeting the demands of course load and work obligations. 

There are three levels of recognition that students can apply for:

Community Supporter- At least 200 hours of service

Neighborhood Advocate- At least 400 hours of service

Active Citizen- At least 1,000 hours of service


Why Apply?

Reasons to consider applying for the Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement:

  • Receive a formal recognition from Buffalo State College for your dedication to the community at the VSLC's Celebration of Service.

  • Recieve a graduation cord to wear during your graduation ceremony that recognizes you as a Certificate recipient. 

  • Document your achievement on your resume and graduate school applications.

  • Use this application as a way to document all of your service hours as a college student and print it as a record.

Who Can Apply?

Any SUNY Buffalo State student who has engaged in at least 200 hours of community engagement as a college student can apply.  Transfer students are permitted to use service completed at a former college or university. The total number of service hours can be as a result of service-learning courses, volunteering with a group or as an individual, participating in Community Service Day or Alternative Break, and a combination of dates and events. 

Student teaching, classroom observation, paid experiences, and program-required internships do not count towards the Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement.  


How to Apply

Students who believe they meet one of the levels of recognition (200, 400, or 1,000 hours) must complete and submit the online application form by April 3, 2017 and upload the Service Summary Report

If you’re not confident about how to complete the application, questions can be directed to the VSLC or you can view the Service Summary Report Example

Upon submission of the application, the VSLC will verify service hours with the listed supervisor.  All applicants will be notified by the VSLC and those who receive this distinction will be awarded at the Celebration of Service.


Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement awardees:

Active Citizen–1,000 or more hours of service

Anthony Adamo, Sandra Bodami, Marshall Cancilla, Amanda Heftka, Gloria Sanchez-Pagan


Neighborhood Advocate– 400 or more hours of service

Michael Brunetto, Danielle Gorney, Stephanie Morlock, Scott Thompson, Sasa Vann, Katie Vitale


Community Supporter– 200 or more hours of service 

Joanne Deneus, Claire Deschamps, Tracey Fox, Purushottam Ghimire, Joseph Grande, Chelsie Russo, Dallas Taylor, Ashley Termini, Aye Min Thant

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