Introduction to Service-Learning Training

Looking to incorporate service-learning into one of your classes? Interested in learning more about the pedagogy? Join the VSLC and service-learning faculty coordinator for an introduction to service-learning pedagogy on Friday, February 3 from 2:00-5:00PM.  Register with the VSLC.

“Incorporating service-learning in my course is much easier than I imagined. The VSLC assists in finding appropriate projects, supporting students, and ensuring effective partnerships to support student learning - it makes the opportunity accessible for faculty and valuable for student learning.”

-Eric "Luke" Krieg, Professor of Sociology


Service-learning at SUNY Buffalo State is driven by faculty who choose to incorporate a community-based learning project into a course to provide students with hands-on opportunities to learn course content while engaging with local communities. The VSLC provides a strong support system for faculty using service-learning including:
• Assistance identifying community-based projects;
• Developing partnerships with community partner agencies;
• Assisting with course conversion;
• Coordinating student schedules and assisting students with logistical arrangements;
• Providing orientation sessions to introduce students to service-learning, answer questions about community partner agencies, scheduling, logistics, and safety, and assist in ensuring the success of the partnerships;
• Networking with SUNY Buffalo State service-learning faculty members and faculty members at other regional institutions through the Western New York Service-Learning Coalition;
• Faculty training and professional development opportunities including a faculty fellowship program and a conference on service-learning in partnership with the Western New York Service-Learning Coalition;
• Student and community partner assessment opportunities to help determine the effectiveness of the service-learning component of your course;
• Faculty and student recognition and presentation opportunities through the annual Celebration of Service.


Volunteer and Service-Learning Center staff are delighted to meet with you throughout the semester to discuss anything related to incorporating service-learning into your course work. Please do not hesitate to contact Laura Hill Rao, VSLC Coordinator or Joy Guarino, Associate Professor of Dance and Faculty Coordinator for Service-Learning at 878-5811 to begin the conversation. 



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